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The movie stars with Ray leaving a club with 2 women on each arm and takes them back to his Penthouse and they then have a wild night with drugs music and a whole bunch of loving.

His crew said wow life is good we are making all this money from the pharmaceutical company and from the street drug side...they created the coolest street drug and are making tons of money

He then goes to make a deal with a distributor to sell it in their clubs and bars and nightlife and he has a brand new street drug that he want to sell them. It slows time and gives the person a dmt experience.

Problem is they have no intention to pay and decide to kidnap him and charge a ransom and also supply of the drug.

While kidnapped a little girl brings him food ... they want him to recreate the new drug and ensure that they have a full access to reproduce it

While in the underground we begin to see the effects of his drugs on the people he sees young girls drugged and raped he sees young boys using he sees mothers hooked not just on his drug but every drug possible

The villain wants results because it was taken so long to reproduce the drug one of the cartel bosses decided to inject the drug into the girl. She got hooked on the drug and dies in his arms.

They then inject the drug into him and they throw him back into the room with another man who was being tested on. His story is he just wants to get back to his wife and child.

They then try to recreate the drug but are secretly creating a tranquilizer drug that will let any one who smells the gas pass out

He was able to get out but at the last minute his friend takes a bullet to let him free.
He did it with a message. Fix your wrongs..make things right.

He gets out and eventually steals a jeep and gets back to civilization.

When he gets back his partners want to discuss profits in success with them but what he wants to do is move away from selling illegal drugs to helping cure cancer and diseases instead.

After testing he discovers a DNA splicing formula the super boosts the human body for ten minutes at a time... ideally making him superman for ten minutes.

With this syrome he plans to take out those who held him captive.

His intention is 1 by 1 to infiltrate anything that the drug cartel do and wipe it out to save the kids to save the children to save the single mothers save the people in poverty

His best friend doesn't like this because now hes trying to denounce the whole drug business in and turn into an anti drug business hes not having it

He attempts to take over the entire business his best friend then tries to plan assassination of his friend buddy wants to make it look like the drug overdose did it. Ina cool sequence they inject thenworn drug in him and for the next ten minutes his powers activate and he takes them all out

When you gets back his friend is trying to find the full log and financial records of everything that he did he was unable to do so and eventually comes face-to-face with ray

This then creates a big fight sequence between ray and his friend and his friends guys... a fight because of betrayal of all of ray's best security guards who also are being paid off to take him out as well

Ray succeeds punisher style and we see our hero win.

At the end ray continues research and creates alternate versions of the booster drug that gives different abilities.
We also see at the end Ray is awarded a peace prize for ending cancer and making it free for all who want it.

This then creates a new villian the existing pharmaceutical companies who want to continue there profit making ways all the way up the white house.

The Weapon Specialist

Do you believe in clones that's what an old man sitting behind a desk said to a soldier who walked in the Room. The soldier said "yes I do but what kind of clones are we talking about?" the old man said "well let me show you something" he gets up and walks with him to a secret room the door opens and there we see a computer and screen projecting images. He opens up a file and shows a video clip of someone and then said "do you know that is?"
"yes I do that's me" the old man said "no no kid that's not you."
"But that's my face wait a minute wait wait a goddamn minute... what is this and who is in this video..." the man in the video clip who looks just like the soldier proceeded to take out everybody in the room the soldier then said "what is this..."
"Don't worry about that son what you need to worry about is you gonna do exactly what we tell you to do if you don't cooperate I would love for you to explain what someone who looks just like you was doing in that place doing those heinous acts do you wanna go with the flow or go against me..." The soldier said" this can't be real this cannot be real... "
" oh no son its real and you're gonna do everything we tell you to do." The door then opens and a man walks in the room he walked from the darkness into the light as the shadow goes away from his face and there we have it a man who looks just like the soldier. The soldier said" what the fuck and falls back."End scene.

1 year later...

The soldier is at home playing with his kid and then his wife said "come on in mike dinner's ready and they proceed to sit around the table" he says "well baby dinner looks great" after a few seconds he gets a call on his smart watch he answer he hears "we need you to come in" his wife said who is that he said sorry honey it's work have to go... His wife acts in a very overly understanding way "ok dear"

When the soldier walks into the facility he is Told that it is now time for you to train the other... we call him number 4. The soldier said man I'm a just enjoying some time with my family the old man said "you act like you have a choice" the soldier then has to sit down in a matrix type chair and a headset is placed over his head to copy specific behavioral patterns and body responses from his memory from him to the new clone. The techs can then isolate what memories to change and delete them and update them with new programming to suit there agenda. The specific memories and response programming they need is the spark and training of his years as a training hit man and weapons expert.

You see the soldier is not just a regular soldier he is a proven super soldier who's been around the world fought in many wars excellent marks man. Above average is and genetically modified with a rare solution that have him enhance abilities. Abilities they are at this point not able to duplicate on as easily.

The problem with clones is that the clones are born with blank memories. Without a voluntary host the clones cannot have any memories any thoughts any skills and cannot be automatically uploaded and downloaded from any other human without the matching DNA. Body of the host must be voluntary and calm with no resistance to be in equilibrium with the clone.

Upon leaving he looks down the corridor and sees some new faces the old man says "once again don't worry about it just go along. with everything and you will be fine."

Upon being let out the old man turns and returns back to his facility upon that the soldier decides to sneak back in and take a look around as he looks around he sees some very grotesque disposal of failed human genetic mishaps and he starts to freak out he doesn't say a word but what he does is he looks down and sees new soldiers... new memories are being uploaded to those soldiers clones.

He proceeds to look around another section and then he sees a woman that looks just like his wife in a large tube and then his face goes into shock... He falls back and makes a noise then the security team sees him and then apprehend him and then they bring him back to the Room with the old man.

After much deliberation the old man then decides to break down what he should and shouldn't be doing in a dramatic piece... "what did I tell you..."


The Millionaire list

Intro by a narrator "what if i told you that all your dreams will come true...and that you will be as rich and wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. Allot of people want to be successful but they are not willing to do what it takes to activate it... well YOU ARE NOW ACTIVATED ... let's go!"

We see our main Carter leaving work taking the sub way... a homeless man sees him and asks can you spare some change. He says nah can't help you man get a job. At that point he gets home from his part time job.

Carter see his girlfriend's things packed up as if she's about to move out. They have a quick heavy arguments with his girlfriend complaining about wanting to get married wanting kids wanting the house like her friends have wanting to travel the world and Carter tries to convince her Hey it's gonna take sometime some hard work i have a plan I'm in school my career will pay over 6 figures you just have to be patient you just have to be patient with me baby she's running out of patience your taking too long She even called him a loser and says she is tired of this im moving on. She does and says everything she can to break him down. Carter says who is that guy out there... she says I didn't know how to tell you this but I met someone... and he has his stuff together... Carter then says i thought you loved me though we were going to make a live together. She says I'm tired of waiting tired of you.. your a dreamer. She then leaves and slams the door. Wait your now taking Booba that's my dog. She says no you bought him for me I'm taking him too. Oh and rents due.

A painting with red Robin falls on the ground and smashes and also a magazine flies open with Elon Musk's face in it. Through out the movie we see placement of these successful people. We then see a breakdown dramatic moment of Carter falling back into the couch then leans fwd with his head down holding his head. Then he looks up at the TV and sees a interview of the top ten millionaires under 20 in 2021. He grabs the remote and gets extremely calm and starts to focus on what they are saying. Camera than backs away and the last shot we see is him eating fwd seriously listening to what they are saying.

His best friend Chad calls and says hey man whats up lets go meet up to play basketball later. He tells his friend man me and Jen broke up men. Chad says i told you man we gotta focus on our success everything else comes after that but we got to be willing to focus on our success don't worry about it. Then we Pan to the computer and we hear a guy talking about "women stay at the finish line and choose the winners." Carter then tells his friend man "i swear the universe is trying to tell me something man."

How are things with you... Chad says "oh i got a date later" then Carter says didn't you just say focus on your success?" and Chad says yeah but you know I need that TLC from the sweet honeys then Carter says "come on we need to sit down and figure this shit out there are too many self made millionaires, self made billionaires out there I say this is the time we make a list of the top 10 millionaires or billionaires and we gonna try to do everything exactly how each of them did it no excuses we gonna go into direct competition with each and every one of them let them pave the way let them be the light"

Chad says man you watch too many movies i gotta go gotta go pick out a nice fit for later catch you later bro. Carter then shakes his head and sees his phone getting texts and calls from other people. He turns off my cellphone and gets to work researching each of the people making a list of all the millionaires to copy.

We then see carter is up all night getting up moving around brainstorming coming up with ideas. All the way through the night and we see a shot of the of the moon going away and the Sun coming up and Carter actually fell asleep on the desk.

Carter wakes up and then he turns on his phone then he notices a whole bunch of text messages from his friend Chad it's another bad date and says yo I had enough of this i want to try your millionaire list thing bro let me in on what your doing I want to be a part of that I want to go all in for that list I think it's time of focus on my success all this dating all this spending and I'm still getting cat fished I want to date Dua Lipa this life is brutal man not getting anywhere.

So we then see Chad and Carter making up full board of each millionaire they decide to attack the 1st one on the list This can be a real list of the real top 10 millionaires but each Carter can be poverty different character but similar to someone in reality

During this whole time Carter has deal with calls from his father about his father saying he should have been a doctor he put you through school and yet there you are not getting your life together... And everywhere he goes everyone is asking for Jen... how is Jen tell her hi. He gets so tired of it he doesn't even say he's not with her any more.

(Mid movie is the story)
They make a list of millionaires try each thing and realize they are all not working st the same time. They do all the work. One flipping houses. Another creating apps. Another launching Facebook. Another launching a online selling platform. Another launching a solar powered car.

Dark moments:
An important part of the movie is Carter is denounced by his family we've had enough of your dreaming. The debt is pulling up. Eviction notice because he put all his resources and savings into the millionaire list.

Then he goes through a dark period of having to rent rooms out. Having to trade in his Benz for a modest old Honda civic. Eating noodles instead of Italian food.

Lowest point:
Carter walks the sub way drunk in frustration and tries to commit suicide but a homeless man runs and grabs him before he can jump. Carter says why did you save me... I've never helped you... Never given you anything... The homeless man says you may not know it yet but God has a plan for you. Carter stands up and looks back and the homeless man vanished we just see a red Robin pitched on the light pole looking at him then the red Robin flies away.

Happy moment turning point:
After telling his friend Chad that he needs to work on his karma and its better to give than to receive. He starts to be kinder to people even giving food to the homeless looking for the man that saved his life but can't find him.

A reality changing moment occurs when a red Robin gets stuck in his apartment he tries to get it out and eventually it stops winks at him and then flies out. Carter says did that bird just wink at me.

Then success starts flooding him all at once. He gets calls from investors he get calls from people asking for advice he gets people wanting to buy his app people wanting to invest in this app people wanted to invest this online trading platform people wanting to investors in online business company his phone is blowing up all at once.

The payoff moment is at 1 point all of the noise and the people calling him blurred out he falls back on the same couch leans fwd...i'm complete joy and breathes a sigh of relief, he smiles a tear falls from his eye.

We then get a fun happy song playing "Koven rich life" He surprises his dad with a brand new pickup truck he pays off his parents mortgage he does all these things to surprise them. During this he keeps working he keeps reminding himself to not take shortcuts and everything pays off with hard work. Also at this part he decides to help people he gives money to homeless people. At some point in his brand new place the movers ask if he is keeping that couch... he says yes. That couch and me been thru allot sentimental value.

Then there's a big collage of happy moments from buying his 1st super car his 1st mansion taking vacations dating beautiful women, traveling the world all the things that success can bring.

Chad his friend also has a feel good moment at a function he is talking to people and Dua Lipa walks up behind him and says hi are you Chad. He turns around and cannot believe his eyes. He focused on his success and now his dream girl came to him! (Chad is the comic relief in the movie.) Earlier in the movie Chad said he wanted to date Dua lipa at his frustration moment.

End scene. Jen is out on a date and sees him driving a new exotic car then tries to get him back flirting with him saying she made a big mistake. Her new man actually is going through a similar situation Carter went thru over spending developing debt trying to impress her while Carter was debt free at that time in the past trying to come up. Carter is cool about it and says sure I will text you. Here dialogs plays off some thing she said in the past like I have to go. The same way she says she had to go and she's left there looking stupid as his hot date come out the Cartier store hugs him and kissing him in her face. He opens the door for her gets in his Ferrari and drives away.

Rich life by Koven plays on the car radio. Movie ends.

Cinematography notes:
World building. He always eats or gets coffee from a certain diner.
He checks his mail and sees a hit neighbor who may be a possible love interest.
He has an interest in UFC and wrestling so this is referenced.
His style is mainly black bomber jacket, black jeans black t shirt. Also army green bomber jacket.
He gets a cat after his gf took his dog. He broke his iPhone and got a cheaper smart phone.
A old lady rear ended him and he let her go and said merry Christmas.
There's a little kid that always leaves his toys at his door and he always steps on them.
There is a door man that notices his misfortunes.
His big sister is referenced as a success she is a lawyer and has three kids.
An inspirational speaker is referenced.
Text messages on the screen and checking voice mails is a constant thing.
She took the cappuccino maker so he got a Keurig.

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